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Cerita 1: Amphyvex

            “If only she listened to me,” Canny Mcbell said. “This will not happen to her,” she continued. The frog inside the tank in front her jumped here and there. The dark-green frog that kept many stories. Without Canny Mcbell’s notice, someone just heard what she said.

            “What do you mean?” asked Catter Pyle, “ Who is the person you mentioned just now?”

            Canny Mcbell look for the voice she just heard. Even if she was not looking at the face, she believed that the voice belonged to Catter Pyle’s. Canny Mcbell smiled to her although the latter never asked for it.

            “This frog is Molos de Silvel. She was a human before this. Many things had happened to her. A name that people will not forget. A person that caused many people suffer because of her acts,” Canny Mcbell replied. She look sad.

            “Let me tell you the story about this frog.” Catter Pyle sit beside her. She look interested to hear the story.

           Molos de Silvel was a damsel who lived in a palace. In the palace, she was the only damsel with royal blood. She was very clever and good in making potions but terrible in using them. This was the reason why people who lived in same place with her, hated her very much. Her-half brothers loved to bully her. Not only that, her family ignored her only because she did not know how to use spell. Some of the people in the country do not even know she had royal blood inside her.

            One day, Molos found a room that was filled with books and potions. This room was rarely visited by humans. The room was placed in a hidden area in the palace. There were many spider webs and dust. In the room, there was a table with a chair. There were dust, shelves and a small window that only allowed some sunlight to enter the room.

            “What kind of room is this? I never knew that this palace has a room like this before. They must have hated potion very much,” she said. That was true. Her royal family really hated potion. They loved using spells instead of potions. For some time, Canny Mcbell was quiet. She refreshed her mind about the history of potion.

            “Canny Mcbell, why does her family hate potion very much?” Catter Pyle asked when Canny Mcbell went quiet for a long time. Canny Mcbell was in her own world. She was surprised when Catter Pyle asked her. She refused to talk about it at first, but when Catter Pyle showed her interest to hear the story, she begins to talk.

            A long time ago, the study of potion had caused a tragedy. This caused many people to be scared to study potion or get involved in it. From time to time, people forgot about the study of potion because they were used to learn spells. For Molos, the hearsay about learning potion was only a myth that cannot be trusted.

            “There are many books here and some potions too. Maybe I can learn potion here without their notice.” She said. From that day, she learnt potion in that mystery room on her own. No one in the palace knew her activity except of her friend, Canny Mcbell.. She kept on reminding her friend about the disadvantage of learning potion.

            “If the  king knows that you are learning potion in his castle without his permission, you will die! Most people in this country are really scared to learn potion. They don’t want history to repeat it out.”

            “It’s only a myth. Potion can really help in our daily life.” Molos replied. Both of them always got in a fight when they talked about potion.

            One day, Molos found an interesting part in one of the books in her potion’s room. The uncomplete formula about a potion named ‘amphyvex’. Molos got a splendid idea. She wanted to try to complete the formula to create the potion. She spent almost two years and a half to create the potion. Over the two years, someone in the palace investigated about Molos’ activity. The person was Caula Bearl. She find out that Molos was creating some potion in a secret room. Without thinking too much, Caula Bearl told the king. King Arthur was angry. He ordered his soldiers to destroy all the things in the room.

            “Yes! Finally the potion is almost done! Just need to put some chemical substance in the potion.” Suddenly, she heard something noisy outside the room. She saw the soldiers marching towards the room through the window. She became nervous! Without any realization, she wrongly put the chemical substances in a cauldron. BOOMMM!!! Molos had turned into a froggy! A shinny, green four-legged creature.

            After the incident, King Arthur put a spell onto the room. The room was locked forever. The incident was a history. After the death of King Arthur, many people tried to find the cure to heal Molos de Silvel. Until now, they still work on it.

            “It was a sad story. Pity on her.” Said Catter Pyle.

            “ That’s why we should listen to advice for our own sake,” Said Canny Mcbell.

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#This is our first karya which is already disemak oleh our beloved English teacher. Actually, this karya is our task : writing essay. ^^ 

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